Sunday, July 13, 2014

Into the light


I wore this thickish short-sleeved shirt last Monday. Not wanting to chuck it straight into the hamper, I decided to use it as my jacket by the end of the week.


Sometimes the days crowd like clouds and form a veil. Good at times when the sorrow we feel coincides with the rain.


Short-sleeved shirt, Bossini, thrifted
Henley, Zara
Jeans, Bench
Belt from an Italian market 
Leather sneakers, Arnold Palmer, thrifted
Beanie, honestly I still can’t remember


But more often, I am the type to easily feel suffocated. Claustrophobic. The light within and on the other side seeks to punch through the pall.


As much as I am a creature of the night, whenever I come out of my self-inflicted trances or seances, I need to dismiss the darkness with the dead.


Good thing that I do not like to dwell.


Otherwise I would be that lonely old fisherman who has forgotten that he came from land.


I know, such serious thoughts for a Sunday! Need to cleanse the detritus from the previous week – not to mention the past few months – before I can proceed fresh to face the new week.

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