Monday, July 28, 2014

Leaping to life


So it’s Monday again, and I’m typing this at the office, right before work. How have you been? Notice the little rascals behind me in this picture?


Half of the time during my photoshoot yesterday, I wasn’t looking at the camera because cute little paws were tugging at my side and at the hanging straps of my backpack. Say hello Gin, Brandy’s offspring. He was playing all morning with his sister, Vodka (see previous pic).


It was fun to look at – and even join in – but as you can see, the kitten siblings could get exasperating.


Here he is, finally still. Somewhat.


Polka dot pullover, worn beneath t-shirt, Zasum
T-Shirt, Don Protasio
Cargo shorts, Lee
Backpack, Team Manila
Leather sneakers, Arnold Palmer, thrifted
Socks, Tommy Hilfiger


Here I am mid-conversation, sitting on the concrete window ledge and beside its metal frames.


I don’t think I’ve seen kittens actually leap and pounce on each other while playing. So deft and agile! (This is the elderly citizen in me speaking.)


Good thing we’re allowed to wear shorts for Sunday work, which was where I was headed yesterday after lunch.


With flexible work schedules, everything now appear inverted.


An excuse to wear outerwear inside? I love how the varied stripes of the tee by my friend Don Protasio complements the peeping polka dots of the layered-upon pullover.


So I guess I better be going. Work beckons! Happy start of th week everyone! Hope you get through this Monday.

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