Monday, July 21, 2014

Moody Monday


So. To be outright and blunt, there’s no apparent theme for this week’s cameos (what I call my outfits). Last week was all about color after I bought all those shades of red and orange jeans and chinos. There were also the unavoidable greens and yellows. But this week?


As I said my mind is blank. Or rather, I have begun it with my security-blanket black monochrome because I’m very busy with other things. Seems beguiling, no?


I say moody, not because I feel melancholic – the sappy sadness others fall into when the rains pour hard. I’m wearing black precisely because I need to control all the colors.


Moody presumes a plurality of emotions, I suppose. Right now, I have to fasten my mouth and release my music note by note.


Rest by … why, yes! I need lots of rest to survive this!


What defines shape has something more to do with empty space than with black matter.


Denim shirt and jeans, Bossini, thrifted
Cardigan, Muji
Beanie, 5cm
Lace-ups, Dr Martens
Bag, Cambridge Satchel 
Braided belt, Nautica


Oh stop yourself, Pandora! As the boyfie would say: behave!

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