Thursday, July 31, 2014

Office oxfords and indigos by Gant Rugger


Okay, fine, I give it to Gant for picking just the right model for you not to ignore their promotional emails. But honestly, the oxford and indigo shirts are worth more than half the attention.

GANT Rugger is all about creating modern fashionable clothes with a distinct vintage edge. Digging deep into the archives and delivering authentic pieces with a broken preppy vibe.

Left: Luxury Indigo shirt in lightweight cotton with tapered body, slim Hugger fit, featuring a button-down collar, chest pocket, and a locker loop on the back. Right: Indigo Oxford button-down shirt in cotton with tapered body, slim Hugger fit, featuring a button-down collar, chest pocket, GANT stamp at the hem, and a locker loop on the back.


Look up, the week is sure to improve (it’s Friday tomorrow!)

GANT Rugger shirts come either in a fitted (Hugger) or casual (EZ) fit, with the latter being designed to be worn untucked. [Though I wouldn't recommend it.] GANT Rugger shirts are inspired by the GANT Archive, curated by creative director Christopher Bastin. All feature the original GANT locker loop and diamond G logo of GANT Rugger. Also look for intricate details such as frayed collars and cuffs.

Left:  Luxury Indigo shirt, right: Kick Ass Oxford shirt (yes, really).


Sometimes, all it takes is the stiffness of Oxfords to keep me alert and feel professionally preppy at the office.

Left: Kick Ass Oxford button-down, right: Indigo Oxford button-down.


White never fails to communicate openness and irrefutable freshness. Shown here is the cockily-named
Kick Ass Oxford button-down.


Far from drab, brown is the dark and reassured brother of casual beige.

Left: Windblown Oxford button-down, right: Fluffy Oxford button-down.


Come Friday and the rest of the weekend (Friday really begins the weekend, right?), checks wouldn’t be a problem. Shown above: Dreamy Oxford button-down. Apt description, eh?

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