Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Overexposed yet indisposed


So this is what I wore yesterday to work, a holiday here in Manila to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. (Eid Mubarak!) Good thing we’re also allowed to wear shorts during such days, otherwise I’d only be able to use my pairs during weekends.


Quickly took advantage of the diagonal light in our front yard before I left for the office to take these pictures. It’s that time of the year again (or month?) where I must rant that I don’t get as many things done as I want – thus this post’s title.


Thought I could leisurely walk to work wearing a fairly new pair of Dr Martens. But, as expected, halfway there my heels were cursing me for self-inflicting blisters. Note: is Vaseline really advisable for leather?


Also, I must mention my usual internal conflict: yes, it happens often. It’s been a while since I’ve opened my poetry books. And when I did two days ago, I was, as expected, moved by the words that I had to read some poems again with my mouth agape.


This time, I was “cursing” the beauty and complexity of life and asking the cosmos why, of all people, am I still moved to my core by words – whenever anything (everything) so complicated is explained so simply yet so compellingly.


I should be thankful that I am still compelled to write after more than a decade of not putting in enough time. Am I packing my bags again and abandoning this blog? You bet your ass I’m not. I’m not the type who easily gives up. (Let’s all have it all!)


Happy Wednesday, everyone! (This is not a hump to get over with, just a happy, blessed, opportunity-filled day!)

Denim short-sleeved shirt, Texwood, thrifted
Ribbed tee, United Colors of Benetton
Shorts, Workshop
Tasseled loafers, Dr Martens
Shoulder bag, American Eagle Outfitters, thrifted
Tote, Lucky Brand, thrifted
Beanie, thrifted
Tiger's eye bracelets, Bosquejo

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