Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Prelude to an end, part 1


I had mentioned something about a distraction and its end in my previous post. As with all my hasty pronouncements, it was delivered in jest – but not without a measure of the usual cryptic undertones.


Call me fickle or indecisive, I neither mind nor deny being called both. I had intended to end this blog (yes, I know, for the nth time, but, as the song goes, well, “I’m still here.”) because I wanted to move on from another phase in my life.


I thought I was through with this diary and was ready for more serious (even if, yes, even more cryptic) self-expression. Yet I got off that boat too soon and found that I lacked the stamina for long-distance swimming. Needless to say, I almost drowned (yet again).


Why prelude? I still had two entries to post last May that I wasn’t able to process. While these images were from two months ago, they look as if they belonged to somebody else. To another lifetime.


I need closure with that period before I can move on. Before I continue learning longer strokes. Before I learn to breathe properly. Train my lungs.


So here I am again to share laughter and lighter songs.


Back on this boat, I am back in training. Even more determined.


Nearly drowning makes one’s perspective sharper. Hopefully I’m all the wiser.


Short-sleeved shirt, G200
Cardigan, Topman
Jeans, Dior, thrifted
Sneakers, Generic Surplus

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