Friday, July 4, 2014

Raining again


Woke up two-thirds before three. Though it would be more informative to say 2:20am, don’t you like the triple-T sound? Anyway, this is the punishment I get for sleeping so damned early. Can’t help it if I got so tired after traversing a stretch of shin-deep floodwater before finally reaching the house and scrubbing myself clean right before dinner.


A good sign though that my body clock is back to its five-hour count. (Not too good for my heart though, I’ve been told.) Glancing at the news before I left work last night, I knew that a tropical depression mildly grazed the country before it decided to leave north.


Oh boy, if only I could focus as intensely on whatever it is that bothers me then release with as much abandon. But in the first place, depression would be unbecoming.


Though I would say my intensity lately has forced me, for the first time, to fully appreciate the benefits of jasmine tea (instead of coffee) in the morning.


So yeah. Not to be misleading, this is not what I wore yesterday, but I wore last Wednesday. With the exception that I traded the sky blue windbreaker for something with a waistband (in cornflower blue).


Donning a beanie because my hair is in transition. I usually remove it when I get to work, the mix of wax and gel settled, my hair would be nicely molded (pretending that it was wavy instead of straight).


Though here’s a secret: while some of my colleagues wear headphones, using their personal music to zone out and focus, I have found that pulling my beanie fully over my ears muffles unwanted chatter.


Though I would still fully remove my head piece because it either makes me feel claustrophobic or feel out of balance (not that need to dance while I edit stories). Sometimes I simply want my head and hair to breathe. Also the reason why, though I wear raincoats and hoodies, I prefer to use an umbrella over my head when it rains.

Windbreaker, Muji
Polo shirt, Y-3
Navy semi-stretch chinos, Giordano
Skinny leather belt, A.P.C.
Leather sneakers, Jil Sander
Beanie, 5cm

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