Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sitting pretty


Thought Wednesday would never end, and it finally has. Now I can’t help but look forward to tomorrow and the weekend, when I can focus on things I’ve neglected.


Time to rev up the engines. Seems all I’ve been doing is check the motor oil and move the rudder in place.


Tomorrow I have to face more adult things: you know, like expanding a business and filing even more taxes.


But I stand (I’ve stood up, finally!) unfazed.


Am excited, to say the least.


Then Panda, my sister’s Shih Tzu/Spitz dog gives me a “you better clinch it this time” look. To which I reply by grabbing his teddy and throwing it to the farthest corner of the living room.


Happy Thursday, everybody!

Blazer vest, Ziggy Savella
Linen shirt, thrifted
Trousers, Michel René, thrifted
Lace-ups, Next, thrifted
Beanie, thrifted
Watch, Tissot

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