Saturday, July 19, 2014

Purple hibiscus


So the storm has passed and this Saturday is miraculously rain-free. Here I am in front of the neighboring apartment, with a gate that has a color between lime and apple green. A perfect backdrop, I think, against purple, blue, pink, red, and fatigues.


While there are still some (many?) places that still don’t have power and most only have it intermittently, the streets of Manila is still littered with fallen and chopped off branches. A sea of brown and green.


Good that I am bound to my desk. Besides having lots and lots of things to finish, I really can’t afford going out again – lest I find something my lustful eye wants to buy. Been editing pics and writing since last night (with short naps in between) and am getting sleepy as I write this.


The Sagittarius in me wants to break free and just go out. For no particular reason. Stop me, please! 

I realize the title of this post has nothing to do with the topic. But I really can’t headline it with “Yellow bell”, can I? Is there such a thing as "purple" prohibition?


Floral print polo shirt, Uniqlo
Fatigue cargo pants, Izzue
Belt, A.P.C.
Sweater, Piazza Italia
Tote, Monocle
Shoulder bag, Dior, thrifted
Beanie, 5cm
Boat shoes, Sebago
Watch, Tissot


August is near, and before we know it, the -ber months will be back. Hello sweaters, and cardigans, and whatever else that have been languishing in my closet.


But then, the obsessive-impulsive in me can’t be apprehended: when I start shopping, I need to cover all the bases (go to all the shops, both favorite and new) before I can retire and be settled.


Before you know it, I’ll be bankrupt again and out on the street. Hopefully not homeless but this time really fulfilling my intention to snap streetstyle (and whatever style of) pics again.

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