Saturday, July 19, 2014

Something old, something new: very much still in love with you


So I was finally able to drive in both these pairs: the brogues on the left thrifted and the tasseled loafers on the right I bought on sale. Both last weekend.

Can’t say how excited I am to see you again, after a few months of being part. First I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive it. But haven’t we been through the worst?


I really had not much in my pocket after shopping last Friday and Saturday morning. But then I was mischievous enough to still go out the next day, knowing what would happen. And it did: I found something I couldn’t resist. So for the past week I’ve been walking to and from work, back home. Hehe. These brogues come in the softest leather, no apparent wear on the soles. Can't seem to find the brand anywhere.

Remember those many years ago when I said it wouldn’t work? Well it’s been more than six months already. It hasn’t been a smooth ride, to say the least. Sometimes I want to quit you. But just hearing your voice still makes me giddy.


I shouldn’t have bought all those pairs of jeans and chinos last Friday. Then it wouldn’t have been so hard to drop a few (borrowed) quid on these Dr Martens Barrett loafers, which on any normal day, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy. (It helped that they were sold for half the original price!) They were in my size, and in the perfect shade of tan. As I said, last time I wore tasseled footwear must have been in my childhood.

Half a year! Believe it or not, that’s a milestone for me. Last longest one was five months, and we were barely speaking for the last two. So here’s to the rest of they year and hopefully a long way beyond. I love you!

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