Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sweating it out – in cashmere


Don’t you just love this shade of red orange (international orange?) on Acne’s Spring/Summer 2014 peele cashmere blend (70% cotton) sweaterThe way it is cropped with a loose crew neck, and the way the fabric reminds you of your old knits with those unavoidable knots that you just had to shave off?


If the Philippines were a temperate country, I would always opt for turtle necks, like this Marni light wool and cashmere blend long-sleeved number from its 2014 Fall/Winter collection with ribbed hem and cuffs?


The color being fiery red, which stares at you and burns a deep impression. Like the similary-colored leaves that fall suicidally from trees come the beginning of the season.


This long-sleeved crew neck sweater in 100% cashmere also by Marni and this time in orange is less stuffy.


Of course, I’d prefer mine oversized with sleeves that can hide my fidgety hands.

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