Saturday, July 26, 2014

The rust of rhyme


We are awful creatures of habit – both for the good and for the worse. I for one, need to form better ones to get my life moving on towards whatever I have set as goals.


But the devil in me hates monotony and always yearns for drama. The truce should be to keep deviations and allowances for chance within a certain minimum – in order to prevent things, again and again, from getting out of hand. For me to fall into cliffs I can still climb up from.


Wool sweater, Lynx, thrifted
T-shirt, CottonOn
Jeans, Bench
Sandals, Birkenstock
Tote, Lucky Brand, thrifted
Shoulder bag, agnes b., thrifted
Beanie, I really think I thrifted


Whatever I do, I have accepted that things fall either into an ordered chaos or a chaotic order. But all in all, no matter how deep the troughs and high the hills, I think I have followed a fairly recognizable – even if sometimes either stammered or long-winded – iambic pentameter.

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