Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What dreams may come: René Magritte and Opening Ceremony


I know this old news, but I needed something to transition from my lazy blue period to something more colorful this week. Mind you, I’ve never really been big on Magritte (blame cliché and the hipsters), but this appropriation of his art by Opening Ceremony (in collaboration with Vans and Birkenstock for footwear) is something undeniably delectable.


“Sheherazade” crewneck sweater and Sheherazade Vans canvas sneakers.


Looking at his work (or Magritte’s art looking at me), I suddenly see an impious smirk coming from the artist. An nonchalance between the imperious and the impervious.


He looks with an all-knowing eye, tired of our folly yet helplessly captivated by our faults.

Can I say that I really love the bomber on the right, which comes with detailed beadwork and structure neoprene. What’s frustrating though is that it is no longer available at Opening’s Ceremony’s online store. Not also that the women’s orange “Good Connections” oversized top above is actually for women, worn by a man.


Sheherazade is the character who narrates the “ Arabian Nights”. Her captivating stories win the favor and mercy of her husband, a Persian king.
I prefer the Vans version over the Birks.


The art is printed at the back of this “The King's Museum” funnel neck coat.


While it is printed in front for the women’s side zip oversized top. The king stands transparent before his dominion.


The faces of “The Lovers” are covered in sheets on this crewneck sweater. There are no eyes, as if to say that love’s kiss is blind (besides the fact that we close them when we lip lock).


Interesting that the Birkenstock Boston version of the “The Lovers” is the only pair of footwear where the painting is not repeated between the pair. (His and hers? Or Opening Ceremony’s way of driving my previous point?)


In this Vans pair depicting “The Blow to the Heart”, the context behind the knife and rose has somewhat been sliced off.


See what I mean in this sweatshirt? Though I love the soil and the sea. I’d choose this single rose over all the flower prints so prominent in every menswear piece this spring.


Sneaky sneakers.


“The King’s Museum” on canvas sneakers. With the image only partially seen, you’d somehow look for the missing apple.


“Ladder of Fire”. The covering of models’ faces with cloth and umbrellas echoes the artwork.


The above sweatshirt with the sneakers.


“Good Connections”. Not vibrations.


“Double Reality” collarless shirt, slim fit trousers, and Birkenstock Zurich sandals. (At least the sandals have variations!)


“The Lovers” become “The Duo” in this monochromatic sweatshirt

As the colors fade, the features of the faces become more apparent. Less surreal. More tragic.


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