Monday, July 21, 2014

What's in My Pouch: Victorinox and Leatherman pocket knives


Unlike most office workers, I have it easy on Mondays. It is probably the slowest day of the week for the editorial production desk. A perfect time, I say, to reflect and retool. Makes sense that after cleaning my shoes yesterday, I spend time to dust off and wipe excess residue (from who knows where) left on my pocket knives.

I only have two, both given by my dad ages ago: my trusty Victorinox Tourist Swiss Army knife and Leatherman Squirt S4.

Though these should ideally be kept in one's pocket, I prefer to keep them in my ever-handy, multi-size nylon and net Muji pouches. This is the smallest in the set (the larger ones contain wires, external drives, powerbanks, etc), which I use not just for my pocket knives but also for my less than photogenic (read: not monochromatic) USB storage sticks and old SIM cards (don’t ask me why).


Actually, I never knew that my Swiss Army knife bore the name “Tourist”. (I hope my dad didn't suggest that I was a dilettante.) I love that it’s black, but what I didn’t like was my father giving my older brother a larger “toy” – in red and with more thingamajigs that could be pulled out of it. I was so jealous then! (Then again I think he has already lost his.)

Obviously, the large knife has been the most useful. I don’t drink wine so don’t need to remove corks that often. The bottle and can openers, yes. And the small screw has been very useful for helping friends with eyeglasses. Don’t ask me though how I’ve used the tweezers and the (visibly overused) toothpick.


One day I will by myself a larger pocket knife, and maybe bequeath this on (or a new one) to my future son (yes, I want to have offspring!).


An admission: I don’t know what that sharp thing beside the cork screw is for. Any ideas?


To add insult to injury, my dad gave me another diminutive pocketknife, called “Squirt” S4 – now a “retired” product.


Though it does have the advantage of wielding a pair of scissors. But careless as I am, I am more likely to injure myself opening and closing such a contraption. Again, don’t ask how the blades developed teeth. Utility has many uses.

If only I had a USB stick with knives in one, such as this, in 32GB no less! Or instead of my Leatherman Squirt, I had something from the family of Victorinox SwissTools. But as of the moment, they have faithfully and dutifully served their purpose. Maybe I’ll replace them in half a decade…


PS: Have you ever heard of the nifty SwissCard? Thank me later.

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