Thursday, August 7, 2014

Golden boy


Hello! Just wanted to drop a message. Mostly to let you know I’m still alive and just a little busier than the past few weeks.


I know, I look bloated and pudgy. It’s the stress eating. And the fact that I haven’t been at the gym for almost two months now.


I almost panicked at how my colleagues reacted when they saw my ID picture, which was taken more than seven years ago.


Do I really look that stale and past freshness?


Of course, that was rhetorical. 


I must apologize again if you were surprised with my little announcement in my last cameo.


Not that it surprised me. Walking out the movie house last night, it dawned on me that I wasn’t that different from my childhood comic book superhero Adam Warlock. Watch out for developments!
Shirt, Topman
Cardigan, Uniqlo
Jeans, Bershka
Boots, Couber. G, thrifted
Beanie, thrifted
Belt from an Italian market

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