Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Manila street style on La Folie Douce


If you’ve noticed, I’ve updated the "streetstyle" link on my sidebar with a new picture. I know I’ve been meaning to set out, like before, and approach strangers and ask them to pose for me. But these two (the one above of a worker busy with his phone and the one below of an unsuspecting bystander – or sitter), taken with my iPhone and edited on my laptop, seem more genuine to me.


Sure, believe it or not, I’ve actually made good friends out of random encounters (nothing racy or randy, mind you; just friendly). And I do intend to get to know more people that way, but I’ll also continue taking out my phone to take snaps of what for me are a more realistic version of the much glamorized term “street style”.
Hope you can drop by La Folie Douce today.

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