Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday with Michael Bastian


I was really thinking of headlining this post with “Muffin Monday”, but am not that self-deprecating. Even if my paunch is noticeable enough for such a label, and my trousers vie to be called “daddy duds”.


To my credit, I’ve gone back to the gym after a two-month absence. And am not making any more excuses (you know, like, more work for my accessories biz).


But I digress too much. The polo shirt I am wearing is by a collaboration between Michael Bastian and Uniqlo, which is by far becoming my favorite affordable brand for basics. (Yes, Muji, you gotta step up your game.)


I’ve read about and seen the clothes online, but only got the chance to fit them when I happened to pass by SM Megamall’s new Fashion Hall last Saturday. (The first time I was able to visit the annex.)


My surprise at seeing Michael Bastian for Uniqlo (the clerks say more pieces from the line are available at SM Megamall than at SM Aura) doubled when I found out that Uniqlo also holds limited weekend offers.


According to the cheerful staff certain reductions were only offered till yesterday, which included the Bastian collab and cute t-shirts that featured patterns and prints from artists such as Keith Haring and Yayoi Kusama (Uniqlo’s special edition collab with MoMA).


You can imagine me scrambling to fit as many items in less than an hour (had to get back home to do, as I said, more work on accessories). Could only bring four items at a time to the dressing room. Needless to say, I lugged a basketful of items to the counter.


The price points were more than reasonable, given the high quality of the fabrics, the design, and the good fit. (Got the Michael Bastian polo shirts for P590 each.) I just need to keep away from Uniqlo so I can keep to my budget. But thank you for making my basics more interesting!

Polo shirt, Michael Bastian x Uniqlo
Trousers, Zara
Belt from an Italian market
Denim jacket, Cyber Jeans, thrifted
Beanie, thrifted

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