Sunday, August 3, 2014

Red or blue: fire or water, it's up to you


So I finally went to a psychiatrist, and honey, did she shrink the kid in me!


Kidding! Sorry, I just had to say that. Seriously though, it was less frightening/daunting than I thought. 


I unravelled so my stories in about an hour and a half. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.


As expected, this chatterbox really just needed a good listener. Even if it did come in the form of a professional. I could just imagine all the sob stories spilled on that leather couch, and the tears absorbed by those throw pillows!


Now I now the reason behind those mood swings. Though does anybody need an explanation as to why we launch on shopping sprees?


I vow abstinence though, after spending too much the last few weekends. Just thrift stores for me from now till the next quarter. (Hehe.)


If you wanna know the diagnosis, I won’t tell you. Needless to say, my treatment requires nightly whips and lashings and monthly electric shock treatment.


Hahaha. Kidding again, of course. Seriously though, the main reason I was hesitant at first to go on with it, was because I was afraid my creativity would be stifled.


We all know I have a tendency to ride the waves and skim through hurricanes.


Again, as I mentioned in a previous post, good thing that I don’t take things that personally.


Am not prone to cut either of my ears off or to slash my wrists.


At the very least.


Just really need to be more stable during those times I need to be stable.


But I’ll say no to saddle, blinders, and bridle.


By golly, I have books to write and a business to expand! Just need to know my limits. When I should sleep things off.


To all the creatives and shopaholics out there, I’d recommend seeing a psychiatrist.


Even if only for the sheer curiosity of finding out your couch diagnosis.


Ok, that’s done. I need to work now.


It’s raining hard again here in Manila. Hope you enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

Denim jacket, Cyber Jeans, thrifted
T-shirt, Superdry
Jeans, Bench
Belt, Izzue
Leather sneakers, Jil Sander
Beanie, 5cm

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