Saturday, August 2, 2014

Taste and Try the World


It’s been a while since I travelled outside of the country. Must have been last year, during April, right after the Songkran festival. Even though my family and I were there for almost a week, I just couldn’t get enough of the sights, the food, and the shopping! By the end of this year or early next, I should be planning another trip. Must admit that the culinary fare of a country or city is a big factor in deciding where I should go next.

Here is where Try the World comes in, an innovative service just launched last year. Try the World offers those who subscribe a way to discover a city’s culture by first trying a box full of gourmet food items curated by experts around the globe.


After becoming a member, you can tour the taste landscape of a different city every two months, starting with the capital of fine dining and romance: Paris!


It’s like discovering a new country every two months, right in your dining room. The food contents come in an aqua-colored box not very different from what you get your Tiffany jewelry packaged in. Nothing less than the best for what could be your first memory of a special place!


Seen above are the boxes for Paris, Tokyo, and Rio.


But here’s the best part: to celebrate the launch of Try the World’s new website, they are offering a lucky reader the chance to get a free one year subscription with Try The World. The prize is worth $270+ and will include packages of the best gourmet foods from France, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Turkey and India! If I were you I’d click on the Entry Form link below right away! Good luck and happy travelling!


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