Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Turd happens


Just arrived in Davao as I write this. Here for a week for my grandmother’s 93rd birthday. Time enough I hope – with the unpredictable rains permitting – to hit the beach.

This is what I wore last Saturday morning, before I went to the gym. But of course changed into something less colorful (white t-shirt and distressed jeans) before I hit crowded Divisoria and Quiapo in old Manila. 


So about this post’s title: yup, that’s (dog) shit right behind me. Thought I would have blocked it from view, but my mischievous photographer likes catching me off-guard.


No, I didn’t just step on the mound of censored earth. Honestly, I don’t remember what inspired this expression on my face.


It rained so hard last night that I thought my flight would be cancelled. Flood entered the house. I guess I was asking for it since I did just buy my first pair of rubber boots.


Slept only three hours last night because, as I said, I did have a mini-trunk show to hold for my accessories.


Needless to say, I was stringing stones right through the airport’s scanner and on my plane seat. (Airport security almost didn’t let me bring the beads as carry-on. If they didn’t, I’d surely go beyond my allowable free baggage allowance.)


So there. Am waiting for my aunt’s arrival as I try to wrap this up. Can’t wait for late lunch!


Not bad, I’d say, given that I haven’t had an entire day of rest since last week.


Turd happens, in terms of unexpected events. “Turdish” people I can handle since they are to be expected in any place and time of day. (Like, say, people who don’t make way even as I’ve already grabbed my luggage off the conveyor belt … No, I won't use any puns that have to do with excrement.)


You don’t hear me complaining, of course. Am just grateful for the break. Happy Monday, everyone!

T-shirt and hoodie, Uniqlo
Jeans, Bench
Boots, Timberland, thrifted
Bag, Eighty Ninety, thrifted

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