Monday, August 25, 2014

Whirlwind weekend


It seems a lot has happened since these pictures were taken last Friday.


The most obvious of which is that I have finally been able to get a haircut. Now I no longer have to wear a beanie and my bangs no longer poke my eyes – my aspirations for a hipster slick back be damned!


Say hello to my new old Getta Grip boots, which if I’m not mistaken is one of the lines of Dr Martens.


I thrifted this Beams Plus coated canvas and suede bag on the same day as the shoes – on the holiday last Thursday.


Bought the bag at a neighborhood used goods store, which was surprisingly spacious, not to mention well-edited.


Unlike the the weekend, which was jammed packed of activities (not that they weren’t planned in advance).


Went back to my favorite places in Quiapo and Divisoria to restock on components for my jewelry business, and to buy newfound stones and baubles. I always make it a point to wear boots whenever I rush through the crowded streets of Manila so I wouldn’t be too precious about what I’m stepping on.


Saturday night was movie date night with the boyfie, while I went to the office on Sunday afternoon before proceeding to Greenhills after for more sourcing. Yes, you could say the weekend is just like the Beams bag I thrifted – packed and brimming with things.


Though I wouldn’t advise brisk walking while breaking in a pair of Dr Martens – ouch!


Needless to say I was almost running a fever while editing stories yesterday afternoon because I lacked sleep. At least I hit the sack once I returned home from Greenhills, where I think I should take the boyfie to do the bargaining and haggling for me.


Now I’m slightly more refreshed – still a bit dizzy, but ready for even more work: today, Monday, is another holiday and I’ve committed to report to the office since few colleagues wanted to go.


I could stick my tongue out in exhaustion, but all I have is gratitude. 

Notice that the bag is lined with plaid? As I mentioned on Instagram, I really love the Japanese for thinking about my every compartmental need.


I posted a link on Facebook to an article by Time on conscientiousness, which according to scientists is the single most valuable trait for success.


Of course, towards the end of the piece, I was half-expecting a warning that even self-destructive people can be thorough in their delusion and neurosis. But then I don’t think Time thought about me while doing their research.


I have to get going. This is what I get for writing To Do lists and actually ticking off most of the entries.


Glad that I’ll be hopping on a plane tomorrow bound for Davao for my grandmother’s birthday week. I sorely miss the beach!


Hope I can raise my feet to relax while I, expectedly, hold an accessories trunk show. 

Happy Heroes’ Day!

Polo shirt, Uniqlo x Michael Bastian
Jeans, Uniqlo
Belt from an Italian market
Boots, Dr Martens, thrifted
Bag, Beams Plus, thrifted
Beanie, 5cm

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