Thursday, September 11, 2014

Connection problems


Because I have such high standards for myself, it is very easy for me to get frustrated. Even angry. 


I am of course aware that many times I project my expectations and this anger (my apologies!) on others.

If only things were as well thought out and as well crafted as these vintage Bally brogues I thrifted recently (okay, so there is one more pair left to show from my shoe thrifting spree).


There was a time that I used to shout at poor hapless customer service representatives – from phone bankers to utility technicians. I know, I live in the third world and should get used to lousy service.


But what I can’t accept are useless answers scripted by one and all of this country’s monopoly providers (landline, broadband, cable, etc). It just drains my energy, which is better reserved for more productive things. (At the moment there is no signal from Sky Cable and internet signal has been intermittent from PLDT broadband for over a month now. Yeah, I know. What else is new?)


Funny though that this is not the only type of connection I have problems with. 


The boyfie poked fun at me recently because I over-interpret things. When I don’t, I then, he says, take things too literally.


People also don’t get my sarcasm. Hmmm. Is it just me? (It also doesn’t help that the jokes I make usually require three layers of logic.)


Good thing that my sense of humor is mostly still intact as a necessary buffer for those bouts of miscommunication.

Shirt, worn as a jacket, Esprit, thrifted
Polo shirt, This is not a polo shirt by Band of Outsiders
Trousers, G200
Belt from an Italian market
Brogues, Bally, thrifted
Socks, Uniqlo

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