Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fiesta map


Howwwdy! So I’m back in Manila. A few days already, actually, but a nasty upset stomach prevented me from posting these pictures earlier.


It seems my trip to Davao abided by a fiesta theme: from my grandmother’s  92nd birthday party (“country feast”) to the colorful bunting that followed my family to the beach.


I envy my cousins who live near the water. Even if we did spend the night at Samal Island, I had to leave early the next day.


Even the vinta sail, though merely decorative, shared in the festivities.


I must say it was a vacation well spent.


Now I’m itching to wander places both familiar and foreign.


When, oh when, will my small business be ripe enough for me to take it places?

T-shirt, Bershka
Short, Workshop
Sandals, thrifted
Belt from an Italian market
Necklace, welcome token from Paradise Beach resort

Cameos by Lea Celestial

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