Friday, September 5, 2014

Past the blue


Just as I thought my intestinal heavings have already subsided, a langhap-sarap burger meal from Jollibee the other day triggered more trouble with my digestion. While I am no longer losing as much water as I write this, this Friday morning, my strength is only beginning to return (blame the coffee ban and two weeks away from the gym). These pictures are still from last week, Friday night to be precise.


While I hate getting sick and how it derails my plans and to-do list, it does provide a momentary reprieve, a realigning (just as with printers loaded with new ink) of perspective.


A reminder that there are many tables where we can feast.


Last Monday, I spent almost the entire day in bed, weak and cranky. Somehow, looking at old and recent pictures gives me a feeling that I need to return to a similar cocoon. If not wrapped in silk, sunk in sand.


This I cannot delay any further. I must make time to salvage time.


Keep still amid the receding waves.


Let myself be swept past the breakwater, my eyes wide as the sky.


Sink in the blue.


Finish what I can only finish so I can break the dams.

T-shirt, Dries Van Noten
Shorts, Lee

Cameos by Lea Celestial

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