Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick change


So this is what I wore yesterday morning, on my supposedly fast sourcing trip to Quiapo (changed into a shirt in the cab before heading to work).


I find myself dressing up a lot in the taxi nowadays as I try to squeeze in buying materials before heading to the office.


Unfortunately, right off the train, my attention was caught by a “new arrivals” sign at Escolta. I told myself I was just going to take a peek.


Long story short, I was lugging four thrifted pairs to my work station.


I only had enought time to fit them and haggle with the store clerk before I had to ride on the train again (though I also did buy copies of this month’s Esquire with the Eraserheads on the cover on another stop before I was distracted). Down Buendia, I dumped everything in the taxi as I took of the sweaty t-shirt I was wearing.

Fortunately I  am off work today, so I can do real sourcing. But something tells me I’ll be coming back for the bags I held in my hands lovingly.

T-shirt, cK Calvin Klein
Jeans, Bench
Lace-ups, Next, thrifted
Jacket, Industry-X, thrifted
Belt from an Italian market

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