Friday, September 19, 2014

Sunny side up


It’s been raining since last night. Took a look at social media and saw cars submerged in flood water. Compared to that, my problems with my broadband and mobile providers seem small. (Been trying to post this entry since an hour ago.)


Good thing we can look back to sunny days (these pictures were taken yesterday morning). Hope for the rain to stop and the waters to recede.


On days when I feel relatively depressed (don’t think I can really sink), I take after Annie and sing “Tomorrow” in the shower. (Am not kidding.)


As I said, it started raining last night. Though the typhoon didn’t really hit Manila, the pressure sucked in the usual tropical depression.


What’s more significant is my reading through interviews of poets who have just published new books yesterday afternoon.


Them talking about the process, swimming through the waters.


Drowning and resurfacing. Sometimes gasping for air even when, from afar, strokes appear easy. Even elegant.


I can’t hope for pure air in the metropolis, as much as I don’t have the luxury to spend continuous hours and days and years to go through material. But last night I think I plunged momentarily into an ocean. Saw the deep blue. And my heart pounded. And my lungs breathed light when I broke the surface.

Jacket, Generra, vintage (from my dad)
Shirt, Crocodile
Skinny chinos, CottonOn
Belt, Structure, thrifted
Slip-ons, G.H. Bass Weejuns, thrifted

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