Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend boxing


In a blog first (well, at least for the past few weeks or months), am posting what I wore on the day itself. Nothing fancy, just what I donned on a quick trip to the gym.


Thrifted these high-top leather kicks yesterday lunch, cleaned them (at least what could be cleaned) last night, and broke them in this morning. 


I know, my outfit makes me look shorter than I already am. But my gray shorts were still in the laundry.


I love how big the velcro fasteners are, the texture of the leather, the height of the wedge (more on this later), and the surprising lightness of the pair.


Now I’m home, sneaker boots off. Need to work on something but I have the obsessive need to get this out of the way before I start. Box To Do items out of the way. Hopefully I’ll finish today with a knockout.


As I was saying: the wedge. Only discovered that there was a slight angle to the heel when I was walking this morning. Though I was thankful for the additional height, I can’t say I’m used to walking with even the smallest of heels.


For a few minutes, I imagined myself owning good posture. Until my shoulders slumped in dismay. Good try!


Also need to get whiteout, as suggested by a friend, for stubborn stains. The last time I used one, I think, was on my white iBook. My friend did mean the Mr Clean sponge, right? Or did he mean snowpaint? 


T-shirt, CottonOn
Jeans, Two Percent, thrifted
Leather sneakers, thrifted
Belt, Izzue
Bag, Fred Perry


I couldn’t find the label of the shoes anywhere. Still iffy about my purchase because of the heel. But no regrets there.


There! I’m done! Next!

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