Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend overhang


This is what I wore for my real sourcing trip yesterday. It suddenly decided to rain so these bright orange-colored boots that I thrifted recently came in handy.


Seemed strange to have a a day off on Tuesday in exchange for work last Sunday, but whatever short break I could bargain for is more than welcome. (Remember this Hips and Lips Rogan tee I bought seven years ago?)


I know, it was a matchy-matchy decision, but the fastest I could make given I had to leave the house before it could pour. (Thankfully it didn’t when I arrived at Quiapo.)


Oh, deadlines! Am still in the process of organizing my inventory. It’s like taking care of things from the ground up – even before I could even start designing more pieces.


I spent all of last night just assigning tiny (from 1-4mm width) spacers to their plastic case compartments.


The chunky boots make my chicken legs look even more spare. Decided to wear these funky polka dot Blacksocks for the first time. (Thanks again, Blacksocks! They contacted me via email about their “sockscription”: a novel concept wherein you could subscribe to a certain number of pairs to be sent to you every so often. Since all of us inevitably wear down our socks, it’s a service that I’m sure is highly appreciated.)


It was refreshing to ride the train (LRT-1) and be among the first to occupy the seats. Ah, the luxury of off-peak. The luxury of being able to experience and enjoy early and late afternoons!


Here’s a closer look at the laces of the boots. Some of the eyelets resemble pulleys, which I thought was neat.


Now I have to hurry to finish this, move on from accessory spacers so I can key in the new semi-precious stones and wooden beads I purchased on my last few sourcing trips into my database.


I must admit, I felt a bit nostalgic reorganizing the spacers (the nickel beads accessory designers place between stones in necklaces and bracelets).


I actually fell in love with spacers way before I started buying stones. I know, it sounds weird. I can make accessory lines based on what people usually take for granted. It was the sheer variety of shapes and weights and textures that drew me.


It is worth repeating that it is actually the spaces silence inhabits that defines sound, the absence of black print that defines the character of type (fonts) – am sure I've mentioned it many times before.

T-shirt, Rogan
Jeans, Dior Homme, thrifted
Skinny belt, A.P.C.
Boots, Couber G., thrifted
Jacket, Cornflake, thrifted
Socks, Blacksocks

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