Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A personal matter


Good morning! Was planning to post this yesterday, so I could again say that this is what I wore today, but I promised myself that I would only blog after I finish editing pictures for uploading on my Bosquejo accessories website.


I finished at 2am early this morning. Well, technically I had one set of pictures (of one necklace) left at midnight, which was when I had to retreat to bed. 


If any of you, my dear readers, are familiar with Kenzaburo Oe, then you’d recognize this post’s title reference. Making things personal has been something on my mind lately, be it for business or for creative endeavors. The difference between the two being the extent to which one’s duende is let loose.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been blogging a lot less lately (compared to almost every day a few weeks ago). It feels refreshing to be more offline than online. To busy oneself with the actual legwork that needs to be done with whatever it is that I have set out to do.


In a way, the entries in these pages in the past year or so have been, for me, like taking off my shoes. Unwinding in the brief respite that I could afford.


Of course, this menswear diary has also been my way of airing out my thoughts, which can get suffocated and stifled in pages upon pages of my personal To Do list.


My way of relaxing, while still being able to accomplish something. Mainly, to be able to look at things from a certain distance.


Just like the figures in this Keith Haring print for Uniqlo, one’s voice can so easily be drowned out, tesselated into geometric uniformity that is convenient for other people. I’m still thankful (and surprised, too) that this blog has even lasted this long.


An unlacing of inhibitions: isn’t that what blogs, like journals, are supposed to be for?


Sure, some of you may notice that I post a lot on Instagram or am online on Facebook most hours of the day, but I’m no different from other people who seek digital refuge.


I too seek easy distraction from work (ie my day job) or from waiting. Something to take my mind off something. To leave in order to return. Does that make sense? So that every logging off and back on again is like sending one’s self a jolt of endorphins.


Admittedly, for the most part, I use Facebook and Instagram tp promote something – be it an idea or a brand. Of course, I also appreciate them as tools for communication, stalking (lol), and connecting. But, as corporate statistics point out, they can also as easily serve as disruptive distractions. 


Scrolling down endlessly, it is easy to get lost in useless information. Forget one’s original agenda. Objectives that have been neatly packed in a bag scattered on the ground.


To be honest, I don’t even use Facebook, or my laptop for that matter, for video games. (The apps I use most, believe it or not, are the calculator and the dictionary.) Blame it on Apple for creating products that are beautifully efficient and a pleasure to fiddle with.


Before you know it, your self-imposed ten-minute Facebook break has extended to half an hour. (Advertisers and Google are well aware of this.) I realize that even as I write this, my own digression is an example of what I tell myself to avoid.


Until the time comes when what needs to be done has to be done. So back to my original topic: to create things in a way that is personal.


For this page, for example, that is the main reason why I have stopped “reviewing” fashion week collections. I have long admitted the sheer preposterousness of writing about clothes that I have not seen in person, most of which I have no plans, or even hope of wearing, much less afford. I can only offer the integrity of my words, verification via my experiences.


In connection with the creative process (writing), or even of designing and reselling necklaces, I feel I can only share with others what I myself can relate to.  


Otherwise, I would be a sham. A little emperor with no clothes (or in this case, shoes). No matter how pretty your socks (or naked skin).


So I guess, what I have been trying to say, after twenty images and long-winded captions, is that, simply: thank you for listening to my ramblings. Now I can be more confident to face they day with a whittled down To Do list. Happy hump (burp!) day.

T-Shirt, Keith Haring for MoMA x Uniqlo
Shorts, Lee Jeans
Boots, Couber G, thrifted
Socks, Blacksocks, gifted
Bag, Armani Exchange

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