Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun with Funky Socks by Blacksocks


I have an admission to make. I’ve never really cared/paid that much attention to anything I wear that only I could see/am aware of. You know, clothing we call undergarments, socks included.


There was a time when it took me a while to replace articles that have gone well beyond their usable life. To the point that some I didn’t throw away even if they had small holes in them.


But then, as I began hitting the gym (especially when I began running habitually on the treadmill), and took on longer and longer walks wandering around the city, the feeling of discomfort began to alarm me.


As a solution, I started buying higher-quality briefs (and later, also boxers and boxer briefs) and socks. My feet, soles, ankles, and nether regions thanked me for investing in better underwear and what I only used to regard as shoe-padding.


But then, I only stuck to the usual no-fuss black, white, gray, and navy basics. I mean, my outfits were and still are usually monochromatic and neutral anyway.

That was until I got bored with myself (when gray days were ground down by even grayer and drabber clothes and undergarments) and started experimenting with stripes and patterns and polka dots (at the moment, just with socks: haven’t explored colorful underwear yet; the most daring being dark red boxers).


It took Swiss e-tailer (electronic retailer) Blacksocks to initiate me into the secret pleasure of crazily colorful hidden clothing. They sent me two pairs of the blue, orange, yellow, and pink polka dot socks above. Of course they are pleasing to the eye, but I surprised myself with being proud and every now and then giddy (especially when I wore them partially exposed and rolled up to the shins, with shorts). It helped a lot that the pair felt so good on my feet. So I looked up Blacksocks online and fell crazily in love with their Funky Socks line.


Here is the black version of the pairs they sent me. Below are geometric and striped socks that I have equally fell in love with (and plan to purchase online soon). Scroll down for more info on Blacksocks, their interesting “sockscription” service, and the artist behind these kooky pairs.


It’s time to bring some soul to your soles. BLACKSOCKS, the pioneering purveyor of sockscriptions, has announced a new line of socks guaranteed to add funky and fresh flavor to your fun and fashionable feet. Launched in partnership with renowned Swiss blues musician Philipp Fankhauser, BLACKSOCKS’ new Funky Socks collection offers six different styles, each surrounded by a unique, colorful pattern. The socks are available for purchase here.

From stylish stripes, to delightful dots, to tailored triangles — and with color patterns which include orange checks on black and thin stripes on fresh icy blue — all variations of these funky guitar-covered socks are certain to add spark and sexiness to your swagger.


“These funky-yet-elegant socks offer a fun product for people to show off and enjoy, while staying true to the classiness and stylishness that our brand is known for. Funky socks are here to stay,” said BLACKSOCKS president and founder Samy Liechti.

 Top-quality materials and meticulous workmanship are the hallmarks of Funky Socks. Made primarily of mercerized cotton — a processed fiber renowned for its luscious sheen and incredible strength—the sock is silky and highly durable with a wash-resistant sheen. The heels and toes are reinforced with extra strong polyamide fibers, and a touch of LYCRA® is used to give it some stretch. The final product is a smooth, silky and strong sock that will last for years to come. 


International music star Philipp Fankhauser — the celebrated Swiss guitarist-songwriter who was mentored by legendary American blues musician Johnny Copeland — collaborated with BLACKSOCKS to develop this product. Currently, he is known in the media as a coach on The Voice of Switzerland, the country’s version of the hit television singing competition franchise.

BLACKSOCKS is the inventor of the “sockscription” — an online service in which customers can select the style, quantity, and frequency, and the Italian-made socks are conveniently delivered to your doorstep in regular intervals. This innovative service also can be used to order fine undershirts, boxer shorts, briefs and dress shirts.

The Swiss e-tailer has sold more than three million pairs of socks since 1999. Two of Europe’s leading magazines rated Blacksocks as No. 1 in comfort and durability.  The company ships to 75 countries and has more than 60,000 subscribers. Additional information can be found here.

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