Saturday, October 18, 2014

Red alert


The pictures I posted yesterday were taken during the second week of September, right before a storm was about to hit landfall in Manila. Now these cameos were taken just yesterday, with me fresh from a much needed haircut (not that – at least I am told – the way I look changes much).


Two and a half months left in the year, and I can say that I have made predictions on my luck self-fulfilling. 


I wouldn’t say 2014 has been bad (I still maintain that I am inexplicably lucky when it comes to many things), rather: it has been full of many drastic changes.


As I look back (nope, not at all sentimental about it), I can see that it’s time to clear and organize not just the things I have accumulated, but also the experiences I have gone through. Literally, with shelves, and figuratively by making sense out of “stuff”.


Yes, I’m the type of person who knows exactly where things are in my bodega of a room, but lately I’ve needed more air to circulate and light to shine through.


Little by little, the signs of wars fought are becoming less evident. Will need the clearing to build whatever it is I must build brick by brick.

Polo shirt, Collezione C2
Skinny chinos, Bench
Belt, Izzue
Leather sneakers, Fred Perry
Hoodie, Uniqlo

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