Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The days are long but never uniform


In a confluence of coincidences, I was able to watch a movie about Steve Jobs (played by Ashton Kutcher) after scanning an article somewhere on the interwebs about the value of dressing up in a simple, unobtrusive uniform (like Jobs and Zuckerberg), as well as editing a column that mentions a Nasa project scientist’s faux pas (Matt Taylor’s feminist-offensive shirt print).


More and more I find myself resorting to the basics in my wardrobe: blue/white/black/striped shirt with slacks or chinos for work and plain tees and jeans for the weekend. Of course, weekday footwear can vary from Oxfords and brogues to boots and leather sneakers (not trainers). The outerwear is different as well: cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, and all sorts of jackets. But what I find myself wearing less and less are loud or complicated shirt prints and trousers in rainbow colors.


I guess that happens when you get busier at work: you don’t want your clothes to interfere. Creativity is churned out in the office and not spent while rummaging in the morning through my closet. 

Tee, CottonOn
Jeans, Bench
Jacket, Uniqlo, thrifted
Belt from an Italian market
Backpack, Team Manila

Am I being swallowed whole by the system? Admitted defeat to conformity? Far from it. It’s more like I’ve decided more clearly what I want out of my time.


Don’t worry, I’m not about to throw or give away all the articles of clothing that I’ve loved and cherished. (Spring cleaning is still a challenge!) I’ve just moved them to the weekend, or to holidays. Or in between events.


But even then, for the work that I do outside of the office (accessories, poetry, photography, etc), I find myself yearning again for a uniform suitable for the quiet outsider.


Makes perfect sense since I really do plan in the next coming months to do intensive study (both indoors and outdoors, my nose in books and out to smell the flowers). I need to be invisible.

Shirt, Crocodile
Chinos, CottonOn
Lace-ups, Bruno Magli, thrifted
Jacket, Muji


My next basics shopping spree shall be guided only by fit and fabric.

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