Monday, December 22, 2014

Beware the dog


It would have been more dramatic to be afraid of the Kraken, but during this festive season, alas, I am feeling a bit morbid and do fear a certain canine.


My sign would have read “Beware Cerberus” as I continue to count the days – not till Christmas, mind you – but until the coming of Janus.


Having been born in December and used to celebrating another year right before the year ends compresses complicated emotions within the span of a single month.


I should beware of settling for convenient bones thrown at me by the agents of chance.


Good thing I have learned to restrain myself from barking too much. Because even my words bite.


Beware of the Fates: don’t let them spin their lies. Rather, steal the single eye of the Graeae: you’ll need it to slay the gorgons that can turn you into stone, immobilized.

Cashmere cardigan, +J by Uniqlo
Chinos, CottonOn
Supima cotton v-neck t-shirt, Uniqlo
Boat shoes, Sebago
Belt from an Italian market

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