Saturday, December 13, 2014

Everything is better with bacon


Fading in and fading out are themes I’ve written about many times on these pages. And rust and decay. Whatever registers visually I try to eke out meaning from.


But for this post, the theme cannot be stated more simply than how my statement t-shirt says it: “everything is better with bacon”.


The salt of life is the bacon in burgers – and pretty much every other dish. Started reading the Fall/Winter 2014 Fantastic Man issue’s recommendations, which point out the virtues of ginger. Hmmm.


As you can see from my tummy, I am not one to skip out on unhealthy but oh-so-delicious food. Even if I endlessly torment myself at the gym, I won’t pass on grease or cholesterol just because people say both are bad for you.


There are bigger hypocrisies. But this is not the place to point them out.


For example, I will not try to explain my mistrust of vegetarians or say why I am wary of dealing with people who say they try to avoid gluten (in so far as they understand “gluten”).


In other news, I celebrated my birthday yesterday. Dinner included lamb, duck, and fish.


I won’t say I’m any wiser for it. Though I do know a fair bit more than before. Even if that knowledge was already suspected even before experienced.


Though yes, I have my way of attracting problems – nay, challenges. Life is richer because of them. The same way, I guess, blood is thicker because of cholesterol.

T-shirt, Guilty from People are People
Jeans, Bench
Slip-ons, Dr Martens

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