Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Parts of speech


It’s the last day of the year and all I could think of is burning the leftover calories from Christmas eve dinner. That and what I’m going to wear to work today and tomorrow, the first day of 2015. Because yes, life goes on and I have trips to plan and finance.


Of course, I’m still thinking about how to squeeze in the things I wanted and “needed” to do this year that I still haven’t done within the remaining hours.

Besides things to do, there are also objects that  may need replacing as well, such as these four-year-old leather sneakers, which in turn replaced an old canvas pair.


These are the old lens, now replaced, of my Canon G10 point and shoot (now used by my sister), which I now and then wear as a necklace. Two days ago I brought my DSLR with me to work and snapped away during my office break. Looking at the big difference in quality between photos taken by my iPhone 5S (mostly for Instagram and as visual diary notes) and my Canon 60D, it is likely that I will be lugging my camera with me wherever I go the coming year.


Alas, time is never enough and I always find myself running or rushing between places. Or thoughts. Or states of mind.


Am still thinking about those rubber Chucks that I tried on weeks ago. Though my leather Fred Perrys still have a year or two to them, I really like the All Star Rubbers.


Besides taking visual diary notes, I also use the PlainText app on my phone to take notes whenever inspiration strikes. Whenever I am moved by something I have seen or felt. Jotting words down in white heat. 

I hope the words I write and the pictures I take somehow complement instead of cannibalize expression, since memory, like painting, works more vividly. 


I think that has always been my fear, and I think the reason why I have not taken as many pictures of my surroundings and the things/people that interest/intrigue me more often. The difference between representing something immediate and digging at a gem in a mine, which requires time and countless hours of polishing and refining — not to mention throwing away dirt. Hopefully, I can expand my horizons/understand the world more deeply and comprehensively with both.


I have just finished breakfast while writing this. The pictures, by the way, were from yesterday, also a holiday here in Manila. More precisely: Rizal Day.


This comfortable and practical sweater used to be my father’s. I think, or according to our house help of three decades. As the year comes to a close and I rush things that still need to be done, I hope there is a part of today that slows down. When an hour stretches as long as a week while I investigate memories that have long been hushed in the dark. Like a newborn caressed by light for the first time, their first impulse is to open their mouths.

Sweater, Hanes
T-shirt, CottonOn
Jeans, Jil Sander
Sneakers, Fred Perry

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