Wednesday, January 21, 2015



Hello again. These pics were taken last January 9, on a Friday, when it was drizzling outside. Again, I find myself in the middle of things: between finishing editing pictures taken during my nephew’s first birthday party, with a hangover from Vigan (overdue pictures there as well) where the boyfie and I spent our first anniversary, and with my mind forced to plan for a trip to Bangkok tomorrow as I continue to map out my reading curriculum and schedule photography and fundraising projects.


Between meetings, deadlines (self-imposed and otherwise), and flights, I am thankful that I have this blog for me to catch my breath.


Arrived in Manila late last week to discover that cellular signal was allegedly cut for the safety of the visiting Pope, but relieved to find out that the WiFi at home is back to normal. Amid all this, I’m still not used to writing 2015 when labelling things – had to rename a few batches of pictures. Time does not wait for us.


It won’t stop for my sister while my nephew is growing up fast. It won’t stop for me, no matter how much I protest.


We are forced to learn, mark down notes so we don’t forget. Take pictures for hard evidence. But what is more difficult is to sift through everything to make sense of events. We are most blind to change that we undergo ourselves.
Polo shirt, Muji
Hoodie, Uniqlo
Jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans
Lace-ups, Camper
Belt, A.P.C.

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