Friday, February 27, 2015

Ivory and cream


So it’s Friday again, but to me it feels mid-week. Been a while since I wore this baggy drawstring pair. The extra room, together with the pleasantly neutral color of yesterday’s outfit, helps me relax and breathe.


When things fall into place – not unlike a string of planets or beads on a bracelet – I get a feeling of relief.


Which, fortunately or unfortunately, is short-lived. 


It just means that I have to hold on to my seat because now I really have to finish everything that I have set out to do, on schedule.


It’s a miracle that my hair doesn’t all turn white or fall off with all the stress I impose on myself – though I do have an embarrassing bald spot the size of a coin.


Oh well, the alopecia will relent. No sense in stressing myself more. Time to apply oil or cream on my scalp. Let things sit. Maybe cut on the coffee and be less of a perfectionist.

Shirt, Crocodile
Jacket, Uniqlo
Pants, Marks & Spencer
Leather sneakers, Fred Perry
Lamesa bracelet, Bosquejo

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