Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just enough sun and shade


Sometimes we have to look twice, thrice, even four times before we really see things.


For poetry, it took me four years after the fact to write something that until now I go back to as the first real piece of art that I have written – in contrast to angst-ridden scribblings of an adolescent.


That is why I am in no rush to pick fruits off their branch.


There are some that still need soaking in the sun.


Some that need to recognize their own shadow.


Like good wine, poetry and need I say love takes time.


There, I said it. Didn’t want to join in the Saturday mush of Valentine’s so decided to serve the cheese a bit earlier.


Actually, was supposed to put this post up much later (there is still another cameo pending), but of course, as usual, I am trying to catch up with the calendar.


In case you are interested, these Panterella bracelets are available at Zalora Marketplace, with a 30% discount till the end of the weekend.


Also, watch out for more cheese over at my El Bosquejo and Bosquejo Instagram accounts. To start with, can you guess how I’ll caption the pic above?

Shirt, +J by Uniqlo
Chinos, CottonOn
Boots, Dr Martens, thrifted
Panterella bracelet, Bosquejo

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