Monday, February 16, 2015

Liminal lunar year


I still can’t believe the second month of the year is half over – at least according to the Roman calendar. Despite the negative predictions of feng shui masters, this year has been pretty good thus far for me.


Though I have elephants on my Michael Bastian for Uniqlo polo shirt, I was born on the year of the rooster, or cock, if you want to sound cocky. I suppose that’s why misfortune has been predicted for me: I am wary of the stubborn goat, or sheep, if you prefer something more wooly. 


Though I think I can claim to be persevering and hardworking, I do tend to rely on my gut and instinct – even if I take it for granted every now and then – which is why I can be indecisive.


Of course, I prefer to call myself calculating, with the indecision only a result of my preference for thinking things through before making a decision.


Mind you, I can think five, or even ten steps, ahead. Though my impulsiveness remains my greatest failing. (Yes, I am aware of my own contradictions, but will never apologize for them.)


It takes supreme effort to keep calm and master equanimity. As it were, like finding worms in the earth.


But I see through things. You can say through the dark.


Though metal is my element, it is forged sharp by the sun.

Polo shirt, Uniqlo x Michael Bastian
Shorts, Workshop
Fabric belt, Bossini
Dock shoes, Sebago
Cashmere cardigan (tied around waist), +J by Uniqlo
Avatar Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, Bosquejo

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