Saturday, March 14, 2015

Casual transitions


These pictures must have been taken two weeks ago. Really don’t remember when exactly – except maybe that it was before a brief rainy interruption to Manila’s tropical summer.

Feeling the warmer season, I really wanted to wear this deep-collar kurta shirt. Of course, I changed before I left for work. Blame my fear of office airconditioning, personal PR, and the industry my day job belongs to.


Switch two letters in “casual” and you get “causal”. Nifty word play to drop while discussing transitional clothing. 


Personally, and in my ever-neurotic and cerebral perspective, this is my way of bundling and tying grain while removing chaff. Yes, as usual, the confluence of events in my life have put me on edge – just a moment’s loss of focus will cause my hut of straw to fall apart and be blown away with the huffing and puffing of the wind.


Taking the conversation back to fashion, as I’ve said earlier on my denim post, it’s really time for me to shop again for sturdy jeans (raw or slightly washed), preferably in dark indigo and not sky blue or lapis. Once I’m done with that, then maybe I can move on to stiff Oxfords. Then what I have on my list are leather items and other basics such as thick socks. Only then can I return to the happiness that is shopping for designer articles. Hopefully my other endeavors and budget allowing. I'm not in a hurry.

Jacket, Muji
Jeans, Bench
Kurta, Zara
Shoes, Sebago
Avatar Bracelet, Bosquejo 

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