Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Denim decisions


Denim has been on my mind a lot lately. Why, you ask? Well, sooner or later I will need to clear out my closet to make way for home renovations. This time, there’s no way I can escape spring cleaning.

Ever the practical guy, I’m sure I’ll be shaking my head at the impractical sartorial decisions I’ve made in the past. What I won’t regret, however, is the amount of denim I’ve not only accumulated, but also grown up and aged with. You see, with denim, only the best withstands the test of time. Of course, after disposing of clothes I don’t use anymore, it will be time to make a thorough plan on how to restock. These denim pieces from Superdry will be high up on my list.

I love me a good, faded denim shirt. This Superdry London Loom Shirt above has a vintage finish and features a button-down collar and a single chest pocket – perfectly utilitarian!


I likewise love the hue and the aged look of the long-sleeved version of the Superdry London Loom Shirt. Perfectly partnered with another staple of my wardrobe: cream, beige/ivory, or chocolate-brown colored chinos.


And, of course, there’s no denying that I’m still in search for that perfect pair of jeans. Beside’s my aged Levi’s (which I’ll keep forever), I’m on the lookout for well-fitting pairs that will absorb all the shocks in my predictably shock-tumbled life. Love the creases and wash of these Superdry Office jeans, which comes with a button fly. I’m denim drooling!

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