Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crabs among dragonflies


Promise, this is the my last set of front-of-the-wall cameos. (Because it really is, for the next year, that is.) These pictures were taken after me barely recovering from almost a week of sleepless nights preparing for a bazaar for Bosquejo.


Now my hair has been shorn by the barber. We no longer have a lush garden in the apartment – still in the process of deciding which potted plants to bring and which to leave.


Delivered stone accessories this week, but it’s not yet time to put my feet up. There’s still my promised Hardware Lite and Sacre Lite collections to complete.


I never seem to get over and done with anything completely, which is partly good. You know: more things to do and to look forward to. Continuity.


Hope I get to complete my other summer tasks. I can only tell my magazines and books: soon, soon I will be able to devour you as well.


For work is not the only thing that keeps us alive. I need the meat of knowledge and wonder – which is not to say that reading doesn’t require effort.


My striped socks are fading. Need to get a new batch. At least I was already able to buy a few handkerchiefs from Divisoria (I want more, of course.)


Also renewed a magazine subscription, which saves me money. Just hate the fact that local customs require me to get them from the city’s post office. Needless to say, I’m always hungry for print and text. What I need to fuel my search for subtext and context.

Short-sleeved shirt, Diesel
Chinos, CottonOn
Belt, A.P.C.
Lace-ups, Dr Martens
Socks, Uniqlo
Irrorata bracelet, Bosquejo

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