Friday, April 24, 2015

Sky views


No, I’m not angry in this picture. Even in the shade, I squint at the sun. I was probably impatient with my photographer because, as usual, I was in a rush to run to the gym right before reporting for work.


These images were taken almost ten days ago, when I was still living in our family house closer to the ground.


Now I’m 18 floors above. You’re not the only one tired of street-level, front-of-gate or front-of-car cameos.


Thankfully, our apartment unit faces the morning sun. 


Hopefully, this view of the city will inspire me to dig into my notes and scrunch through revisions of my city poems.


Though I have the sneaking suspicion that for the next month or two, I’ll be looking for a nice shelf for the books and magazines that I brought. That and beating a contract deadline.


Hell, we’ll only be here for a year. Come April next year, house renovations should be done.


Still getting used to using the elevator several times a day just to get out and get to my room. Of course, the view more than compensates. Who knows, by the time we need to move out again I’ll be moving in to another view.

Batik shirt from Aldevinco, Davao
Trousers, Giordano
Belt from an Italian market
Shoes, Dr Martens
Japura bracelets, Bosquejo

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