Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sleeping to dream


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten sick – blame the pent up stress and the extreme weather.


Got a really bad headache yesterday afternoon after a short walk to an outlet shop and back to the office during my break.


Add that to the usual headache of uncooperative colleagues and voila! Rest all day after catching the flu.


What I was grateful for, though, was an entire day’s series of imaginative dreams.


I went back to school and to episodes of my childhood. One of the last dreams I remembered had something to do with comic-book superheroes.


Now I’m glad I feel a lot better, but still not as good as before I got the flu. At least I know my memory and imagination are still intact – all a writer really needs to torture himself.

Raglan tee, Uniqlo
Shorts, Lee
Hoodie, Uniqlo
Shoes, thrifted
Socks, Tommy Hilfiger

Photos by Jullian Mendoza

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