Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Color clout


First half of the year over. The first typhoon of the rainy season leaves no trace of summer days, not even the ashes of time burnt to the very ends.


I would hope, writing this early in the morning, with the sun just out and the weather relatively cool, that it would finally be time for layers.


Of course, I should know better. The tropical sun scorches year-round.


Time for more colors, then? No sense in imbibing the gloom of the season by boring ourselves with just gray and other neutrals.


When it gets colder/cooler, our body reacts by raising its own temperature.


In love with my new set of colored socks! Was finally able to drop by the store to replenish my stock. Will now be able to replace my now loose articles with natty underclothing.


I just hope people at the office learn to lessen the air conditioning. Or I’ll be forced to bring out thicker pullovers!


Too much coffee can burn holes through my stomach. Drier and more acidic, I tend to be more irritable.


July, oh July! We have never been good friends. With the floods that you bring and the old memories of academic toil and moist stupor. But time must turn, and I get old. I do not need to be told. What’s soiled can’t be sold!

Pullover, Folded & Hung
Seersucker shirt, trousers, and socks: Uniqlo
Braided leather belt, A.P.C.
Leather sneakers, Jil Sander
Panterella bracelet, Bosquejo

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