Saturday, September 12, 2015

More unloading: what's in my briefcase


So yeah, more sundries. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting outfits soon enough. But before that, happy weekend! Here are more stuff, my way of showing what I’ve been busy with. 

The Bally briefcase has served as my de facto laptop and camera bag whenever I travel. Been busy editing pictures. Can’t wait for my break from work this December, when I can take more snaps out and about in Manila.


The felt envelope came from a fashion show by Mike Lavarez years ago. I accessorized his looks with Bosquejo pieces. The envelope is good as an insert for whichever bag I’m bringing to work: with a magazine and book I take out during lunch break.

Also, there are no words how much I love my Muji coin purse, which opens and has a flap inside for coins. Significant way to remind me to keep my coins, to save and buy more stocks while they are down. Instead of shop for shoes and clothes. (I consider books and magazines as investments as well, lol.)


Time: there never seems enough of it, but at the same time there is always a surfeit. The Tissot watch, which I wrote about before, I bought in Europe in 1999. (Still writing and digging up the past.) Lastly, there’s the Ferro 10mm Hematite Bracelet. Part of what’s keeping me busy is preparing to launch about 30 new Bosquejo bracelets. More updates soon!

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