Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What's in my pocket


Well, howdy? It’s been more than a month since my last post. Just wanted you to know that I’m still alive, and yes, very busy. Instead of unravelling the threads of stories I want to share, let me empty the contents of my pockets.

Shiny and croc-stamped is a wallet I got for free from a blog post. Beside it is a pair of broken sunglasses I thrifted from Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok years ago – seldom used because I don't want anything obstructing my vision. My trusty iPhone 5S, which feels agitated that it might be replaced by a newer model because of Apple’s presentation tomorrow. A new coin purse bought on sale from Muji. A keychain from Tough Jeansmith, with keys that I cannot instantly recall which doors they open. Lipgloss for my thirsty lips. An old card case I use for calling cards from Marlboro Classics. And, of course, reliable Bic pens and a thick book of collected poetry by Zbigniew Herbert. The last item can’t fit in my pocket, but all my thoughts and mental scribblings are smaller/blacker than any of these objects but thicker than ink.

The furry paw is of course Panda’s, who won’t leave my side because of the thunder.

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