Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Red dam and blue waters


Taking the office dress code to heart, well almost. Is it really that obvious I’m wearing jeans?


Truth be told, when I grabbed this braided belt from the racks, I didn’t realize it was from Uniqlo’s women’s department. Would have bought a manlier piece from Hackett, in a lovely shade of tan, if not for the logo in front.


Oh, well. At least it matches my braided loafers, which I insist on wearing sockless.


The forehead scar is not part of the office uniform, mind you. Second dumbbell mishap at the gym (in the same place, I think). I’ve learned to hide my bloodied sweat towel (almost as red as my bracelets) – also learned to settle for a lighter weight until I can safely avoid accidents.


Yes, this shade of dried-blood red. 


Taking everything in stride. Stay as casual as my skinny stretch chinos. I’ve learned to wait this long anyway, just enough to keep the dam from breaking.

Oxford shirt, belt, and jeans, Uniqlo
Cashmere cardigan, Uniqlo +J
Shoes, Bass
Iaspis Red Jasper Bracelet, Bosquejo
Kaspre Red Tiger’s Eye and Jasper Bracelet, Bosquejo

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