Friday, November 6, 2015

Summer in November


This is the only tank top I own, I promise! After Nice Try Bro took a jab at my DIY-ed mesh mess, I never dared again. Somehow tank tops just don’t like me: shoulders not broad enough, arms not ripped enough – but what the heck! I’ll wear what I like to wear. Just not anywhere where anybody knows me, hehe.


I know, the year hasn’t even ended yet, but I’m already looking forward to a new first quarter. Another trip to Bangkok, but not before hitting the beach again this Christmas break.


I hope I can be forgiven thinking that this tank top looks good on me, because I really like its Life Savers stripes.


Maybe I just don’t look the part.


A break, a holiday, can save one’s life.


Don’t think I’ve worked harder than I have than in 2015.


But that is, of course, just a passing thought. I thrive under pressure and can’t bear not engaging myself with multiple projects. So I’m holding my breath, because there’s more work to be done in the last remaining months.

Tank Top, Pedal and Stripe, from People Are People
Cargo shorts, Lee
Shoes, Dr Martens
Ralub Red Coral Bracelet, Bosquejo
Delgaditta Wood and Gold Bracelet, Bosquejo
Movox Malachite Bracelet, Bosquejo

Photographs by Jullian Mendoza

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