Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Going places


So I’ve finally put up my own online portfolio. Hope you can drop by when you get the time. Most of my published magazine articles have been scanned and uploaded, plus the main page is better for tracking all my other pursuits (hint: the “store” button might lead to somewhere else soon).


This is what I wore last Saturday when I watched X-Men: Apocalypse with the boyfie. Now he’s excited to read up on the Dark Phoenix saga.


As usual, so many things are happening at the same time that I’m barely able to cope.


Colleagues moving on to greener pastures, continuous self-education in all sorts of fields. Am I going somewhere?


Only time can really answer that question.


Half-blindingly hiking through the dark: isn’t that what most of us feel?


Don’t you just love the new backpack I got from Jansport? I swear, it was by pure coincidence that it matched what I was wearing on the day I bought it.


Doesn’t this door look familiar? It’s been painted over by carpenters and masons.


But the texture and grain remain under the surface.


If only I could click my heels to wish myself to some other place.


Not “home”, because I don’t really know where that is.


As I said, I can only feel through the impermanence.


If there were places I could call my own, it would be situations where my teeth are sunk deep into the skin. 

T-shirt and braided belt, Uniqlo
Jeans, Bench
Boots, Dr Martens
Backpack, Jansport
Iaspis Red Jasper Bracelet, Bosquejo

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